Austria: The Vienna International Airport

Austria, formally known as Republic of Austria, is a landlocked country in central Europe with 8.5 million population. The country with mountainous terrain has a high-altitude climate, sharing borders with Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy and Slovenia. The country is famous for its rich history and dotted with plentiful museums. In summers, Austria became the most desired tourist destination due to large number of Ski resorts. The country, though small in size, but replete with beautiful places, traditions and rigorous activities. Despite an ideal place for winter sports and summer vacations, Austria is much more than a tourist attraction.


Vienna is the capital city of Austria with 1.7 million population. By far and large, it is also the largest city of Austria and the focal center of Austria’s politics, economic and cultural activities. Being a part of UNESCO World Heritage List and a historic city center, Vienna has another extension of country’s pride and burgeon, Vienna International Airport. Vienna International Airport is located in Schwechat which is 18 KM farther from the city center of Vienna.


Vienna Airport is considered as the busiest and biggest Airport of the country and serving as a hub of Austrian Airlines and NIKI. It has wide-body aircrafts like Boeing 747 that can handle a dense network of European flights. The Boeing 747 is also featured with long-distance flights to Asia, North America and Africa. The airport has the capacity to handle 22,483,158 passengers till 2014 which 2.11% more as compared to 2013 figures. Similar to other airports in Europe, Vienna Airport was initially opened for military purpose but later, it replaced with a new airport, erected in 1959.

Vienna Airport offers luxurious amenities before departure and after arrival, especially Vienna Airport Lounges, filled with variety of Buffet and much more. The airport also provides event management, starting from international conferences to exclusive business meetings and functions. It also proposes modern VIP services for its business class passengers with ambiance and exclusive support. Free wireless internet services, private jets, dedicated information desk, medical facility, visitair Centre, loss property office, telephonic support and prayer room are all the exceptional services which are accessible by Airport. For safe and affordable transportation, you can easily online book for Vienna airport shuttle here.


The airport has 4 terminals which are exactly built against each other along with an additional terminal A1 that has built in front of the main building. In the beginning, there was only one runway but now the airport has three runways which are enough to meet the increasing capacity demand of the passengers. Altogether, Vienna Airport is excellent in its location and range of services which are optimal for every traveler who is travelling to Austria.


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